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Daniel Robinson

Daniel is an award-winning freelance artist and educator, predominantly teaching in his private studio (Djarts) and performing Australia wide. Daniel regularly presents for conferences as a Singing Voice Specialist, providing workshops and practical learning activities to contemporary vocalists across Australia and abroad. In 2011 Daniel completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

Dr Dan, as he is affectionately known by many of his students, is nationally recognized as one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Singing Voice Specialists with over 20 years of teaching experience and 25 years of performance on the stage. The combined industry strengths of high-level academic credentials and current gigging know-how position Daniel to greatly assist his student’s vocal and artistic development. Daniel is currently on the national board of the Australian Voice Association (AVA), having been recently elected to the office of National President.

Daniel Kay (Dr Dan’s stage name) has over two decades of extensive experience in singing for a range of audiences in corporate settings, from major gala awards, conferences and openings to more intimate corporate dinners. Daniel’s 3.5-octave tenor voice is stunning and his ten-year dedication to developing sound technique through training has honed his natural talent to a refined and mature voice that is capable of approaching a range of contemporary styles. Daniel performs some of the most difficult of repertoire with ease and especially connects with adult contemporary material, power ballads and music theatre. Daniel’s stage presence and performance experience allow him to engage even the most discerning of audiences through song. Daniel shines as a soloist but has also worked as a duo, in ensembles, choirs and with bands; he is a flexible and expert singer suitable for any style of corporate function. Daniel has been called ‘a singer’s singer’ in reference to his appeal as a performer and has drawn a range of credits from well-respected leaders in the music industry. With two national top 30 singles, Daniel’s outstanding album has been widely celebrated as “Simply Stunning!” Daniel’s album is available through the Djarts’ online store.

Besides his busy schedule in the teaching studio, Daniel also performs and lectures across Australia at a select number of public and private events:

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